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Founded by Mark O’Connor, P.E. and Ray P. Kezar, O’Connor & Kezar (O&K) is a materials testing
and geotechnical consulting firm capable of providing services to both the private and public sectors.
We take pride in providing excellent service to our clients and forming strong relationships built on trust.
Members of the firm have combined experience in the industry totaling over 60 years. O&K is located in San Antonio and is staffed to provide services throughout Central Texas. O&K has been certified as a Small Business Enterprise (SBE) by the City of San Antonio.  O&K’s Office / lab contains over 4,000 square feet of office space and over 1,400 square feet of
laboratory space.  The San Antonio laboratory is equipped to perform concrete, soil and asphalt testing
and inspection services in general accordance with ASTM E 329 and ASTM D 3740.  Our laboratory
also maintains equipment to perform advanced geotechnical soils testing programs and is accepted through the AASHTO standards.  All laboratory equipment is calibrated at the necessary time intervals by devices traceable to the National Bureau of Standards. O&K is
committed to providing quality work and responsive service to our Clients.
Environmental Services

Geotechnical Engineering Services
Our full complement of geotechnical engineering services includes:
• Exploratory drilling and sampling operations in accordance with ASTM Standards;
• Recommendations for foundation design in soil and rock;
• Recommendations for driven piles and drilled shaft foundations;
• Slope stability evaluations for cut and fill slopes and retainage of slopes in soil and rock;
• Recommendations for slurry wall design and construction design considerations;
• Structural damage studies due to unsatisfactory foundation performance;
• Pavement design recommendations;
• Special studies in forensic engineering;
• Natural resource evaluation.
• Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) Phase 1 and Phase 2

Construction Materials Testing Services

Full-service construction materials testing and inspection services include:
• Special Inspections in accordance with IBC requirements
• Earthwork, stabilized earth, and selected fill monitoring and testing;
• Inspection and testing of drilled shafts;
• Inspection and testing of driven piles;
• Inspection and testing of reinforcing steel placements;
• Inspection and testing of poured-in-place concrete;
• Inspection of structural steel assemblies, including welded connections and high strength bolted
connections by ultrasonic, radiography, and other NDT techniques;
• Inspection and testing of single-ply, built-up and metal roofing assemblies;
• Inspection and testing of sprayed-on fireproofing;
• Inspection and testing of hot mix asphaltic concrete by Hveem and Marshall Methods.