About Us

Ray P. Kezar is the President of O’Connor & Kezar and is responsible for overseeing the 
materials testing of all projects. He is a life-long San Antonio resident with over 30 years of experience in the materials testing industry. As a native Texan, he is familiar with soils and conditions affecting construction throughout Central Texas and has been
instrumental to the success of multiple companies and projects throughout Central Texas and the Valley.
Mr. Kezar has considerable experience in project management, financial management, business development, and all other aspects related to the success of geotechnical
and materials testing projects. Mr. Kezar has extensive field experience in structural and foundation details for spread
footings, belled and straight shaft piers, auger-cast piles, and driven piles.

 Registered as a Professional Engineer in the States of Texas and Louisiana, Mr. O'Connor 
is the Vice President of O'Connor & Kezar. With over 25 years of experience managing geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing projects, his expertise includes preparing geotechnical reports for commercial and industrial structures
including small dams, multi-story buildings, refineries, wastewater plants, schools, and other facilities. Mr. O'Connor has experience with multiple types of foundation designs
and systems, including spread footings, belled and straight shaft piers, auger-cast-piles, driven piles, and beam/slab-on-grade. Mr. O'Connor has experience managing laboratory and field personnel in all phases of testing. In this capacity, he has formed staff training procedures and accomplished
laboratory accreditation through a national recognized agency. He is accustomed to quality control supervision of projects including industrial, commercial, and government
facilities totaling more than $100 million annually in new construction. He has experience generating technical reports for materials testing in the areas of concrete, soils, asphalt, visual weld inspection and built-up roofing. His specialty experience includes certification of clay liners and HDPE flexible membrane liners for clients that include US Ecology, CITGO Refining, Celanese Corporation and Elementus Chromium.