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Founded by Mark O’Connor, P.E. and Ray P. Kezar, O’Connor & Kezar (O&K) is a materials testing
and geotechnical consulting firm capable of providing services to both the private and public sectors.
We take pride in providing excellent service to our clients and forming strong relationships built on trust.

Geotechnical  Services Include:
• Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) Phase 1 and Phase 2
Geotechnical Engineering Services
Our full complement of geotechnical engineering services includes:
• Exploratory drilling and sampling operations in accordance with ASTM Standards;
• In situ measurements and instrumentation
• Recommendations for foundation designfor slab or grade and piers
• Pavement recommendations provide for a variety of site conditions

Construction Materials Testing Services
Full-service construction materials testing and inspection services include:
• Special Inspections in accordance with IBC requirements
• Earthwork, stabilized earth, and selected fill monitoring and testing;
• Inspection and testing of drilled shafts;
• Inspection and testing of driven piles;
• Inspection and testing of reinforcing steel placements;
• Inspection and testing of poured-in-place concrete;

See our company background page for a full list of services